BD&O Projects provide a full Project Management and Engineering Service to the build and built environment

Our experienced Project Management team take the overall responsibility for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of the project.

In addition to the normal Project Management Duties, we can provide full Stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management, which is arguably the most important ingredient for successful project delivery today. We use an inclusive approach in bringing together the Clients, Investors, Political entities, Business Forums and Local Communities.

We manage any Social Facilitation required, where we engage with the Local Community to buy into the project providing Social Cohesion with the local people.

This can provide a platform to encourage the development of small businesses, creating growth and development opportunities for small business owners, where we can assist in providing the appropriate training and information that would assist them with the development of their business.

Where necessary, we develop turnkey associations to facilitate the project to ensure that the stakeholders’ goals and requirements are met.

Our Engineering team provides a full design, project management, commissioning and facility engineering management for buildings through the whole life cycle of the project.